*** Freitag, 25. Februar 2010: 8. DISZIPLIN - BILLARD ***

Disziplin 1 - Bowlen.
Disziplin 2 - Minigolf.
Disziplin 3 - Kickern.
Disziplin 4 - Darten.
Disziplin 5 - MÄDN.
Disziplin 6 - Skat.
Disziplin 7 - Tischtennis.
Disziplin 8 - Billard.
Disziplin 9 - Boule.
Disziplin 10 - Noch geheime Spezialdisziplin.
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Du bist


seit dem



Hello world.

I want to tell you a story from the 26th of February. At this day I take my Pussy number 9 to the right side, look her very tief in the eyes and fasel something from a lauschig evening, with Hamburger, Drinks, good deep talking’s and US-Poolbillard.  You know, the easy way to make a Pussy klar.

Ooohh, I`m sorry, my name is K-Sack, a K with a big… , oohhh what a joke.


Okay, I take Pussy number 9, mmmmmmhhh, no, it was the lovely, sexy number 7, and go to JUSTPOOL, to make a good start. I am so hot and the lovely number 7 also. But there was something anders als sonst. A crowd of very loud people with a shirt of Olympiade are at the right corner. I think to me, play very fast, then a little conversation, and after this: Bed-Billard.  You know (hähähähä).

So first, I must have a look to my Pimperheini. I go to the WC and make my little business. I stand there so, then boooaaaaarrrr the door scheppert and a very fat man comes in.  He smiles to me and say what from dabei sein ist alles and so. Takes his Minimi (holländischer Dödel) and makes the business, maybe a little bit of big business to. I think to me, what a pig. But after that, he put his big finger to the minimi and than under his and, hold you fest, under my nose, and smile.

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrr. I put the Faust into my mouth but I must brechen.


After 20 minutes I come back to the table to the number 7. She is angry, an say something from love and son shit. I think you know what I mean, the übliche gesülze. After a few compliments number 7 is lammfromm, but you can´t hear your own word in the near of 10 meters to the crowd.  What a evening. AAAhhhh, it is the crowd with the pig, and each time I see him, uuuooomhmmhm. I swallow the shit runter, I want to play Bed-Billard, and stay hard.

But I always must have a look to the crowd. What´s their order tonight? To hinder the human race to make love?? Bed-Billard-Love!!!!

The day stay under no good star, and I see my skins davon swimming by number 7.


Number 7 takes the stick and haut voll next to the ball. I laugh, and laugh, and laugh but not wegen the stupid 7. On the “crowdtable”  the biggest of all  try to make a hit, but his fat Kiepe is so high on the table, that he kuller on his side. The pig is laughing, oouuummm, and  another tell something from Regel number 12,  13, 18, 30, 39, 69 ….399. They are sooooooooo stupid.


The 7 throw her drink in my face, she means, that I mean her. But after a few compliments, you know, she is hot, very hot, and she looks at me.  Bed-Billard.


I take the stick and wants to show 7 the hardest hit of all. At this moment someone of the crowd make the big business very very very loud. I verreiss the hit and drisch the ball der 7 in den Ausschnitt.  Very painful. The whole crowd is laughing about the business of the pig, but only one of them sings “Hört die Signale auf ins letzte  Gefecht….”.

And the Regelmacker is at Regel number 1001 of the offiziellen Spielregeln der deutschen Billardunion. I can´t believe it. They are no human beings, trash. Only trash.  


So I try the situation with the old 7 to retten, and tell her, that the third Ball looks very fine, and she shall the third at the place lassen, then I have noch more to knuddel at night. The rest I erspar euch…..


Many thanks to the ugly crowd, it was a very  Bad-Bed-Billard.




Dem ist nichts, aber auch gar nichts, hinzuzufügen.

Und hier kommt der MEDAILLENSPIEGEL nach der 8. Disziplin.